James Franco Starts Unofficial Feud With Henry Cavill

James Franco Starts Unofficial Feud With Henry Cavill

God, could there be anybody more pretentious than James Franco right now? He’s quite possibly the most sanctimonious and up-his-own-ass actor in Hollywood, and that’s really saying a lot. Lately, Franco has taken to ‘reviewing’ movies, and I say that with air quotes because his review is not so much a critique of the movie than it is a chance for him to talk about himself in length.

His latest attempt at ‘reviewing’ has been for ‘Man of Steel’, starring one-time ‘Tristan and Isolde’ co-star Henry Cavill. Of course, Franco can’t just be happy for someone else – no, he has to slip in a lot of snide remarks about the movie and Henry along the way.

He first insinuates that there’s some sort of unofficial feud on his end, explaining, “The night I saw the new Superman, I arrived incognito: 1) because it wasn’t my film, and 2) because I don’t think Henry Cavill would have wanted to see me there. Not that we’re enemies. Years ago we worked on a film together called Tristan and Isolde. My hunch is that he didn’t like me very much. I don’t know this for certain, but I know that I wouldn’t have liked myself back then because I was a difficult young actor who took himself too seriously.” I’m not really sure why he thinks he’s changed since then.

Anyway, although he admits that Man of Steel was a good movie, he also insults Superman, saying, “In my days as a young man, this appeal was long outstripped by the cheesiness of the character’s suit and his douchey invincibility.” Of course, he then goes into a long speech about the necessity of comic book movies, and then spends a good part of his ‘review’ talking about how he used to be a part of the Spider-Man movies. Basically, he just needed an excuse to talk about himself and this provided the perfect opportunity.


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