Kate Gosselin Is Racist And Makes Fun Of Asians In Twitter Picture

Kate Gosselin Is Racist And Makes Fun Of Asians In Twitter Picture

A photo of Kate Gosselin mocking Asians has surfaced online, causing controversy and outrage. The fact that Kate has 8 half Korean children didn’t seem to enter her head before he she decided to take the picture, which shows her in a Geisha-like headgear and puller her eyes into a slant.

Kate Gosselin’s rep has yet to respond, and Kate has also stayed uncharacteristically silent on Twitter, which is definitely not like her. She usually tweets multiple times a day, but she has to know that she messed up this time. It’s shocking to think that celebrities think they can get away this kind of behavior, especially in the age of social media, and someone like Kate Gosselin definitely doesn’t need any more negative publicity.

It just goes to show – no matter how much celebrities pretend like that they’ve changed, they are often lying. Kate Gosselin has always been an attention-seeking famewhore, and she continues to remain an attention-seeking famewhore, although she can now add racist to her resume. It’s beyond astonishing to me that some people still defend her, and at this point, I don’t even know why people consider her a ‘celebrity’.

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