Paris Jackson Severely Depressed Still Has Cutting Obsession

Paris Jackson Severely Depressed Still Has Cutting Obsession

Paris Jackson’s depression was worse than anyone could have expected. The teenage daughter to Michael Jackson almost took her life earlier this month which saw her being rushed to hospital for immediate treatment. It was reported at the time that Paris was unhappy with a lot of things in life; the current molestation trial against her deceased father, the constant bullying she faced in school and finding out her brother Prince wasn’t actually her biological sibling.

That right there is definitely a lot for any 15-year old to deal with. And it’s clear that Paris’ relationship to her family, including her mother Debbie Rowe, wasn’t as great as we thought, since the teenager had been hinting out all over social networking sites how she was feeling weeks before she attempted suicide.On her Tumblr page, Paris had posted DOZENS of sad pictures of girls cutting their wrists, along with a bunch of quotes that referenced to death and pain. One particular image of a girl sticking a sharp scissor into her wrist had the caption “I f**king hate myself” while another one said “I can’t feel anything but sadness” and “Suicide slice here”. (Photos Below)

It’s crazy to think that a girl we all thought was on the right track with her aspiring film career and great attitude had spiraled out of control to an extent that has put her life in danger. The family weren’t aware of the images that Paris had been posting online; giving the impression that they don’t check what she does on social media – which is kind of odd, seeing that she’s still quite young.

Paris will be getting months and months of treatment to battle severe depression and suicidal tendencies. Jackson’s godmother is also ought to have shown interest in having the youngster live with her for a while until the situation over at the Jackson’s home quietes down. The last thing Paris wants right now is everyone all up in her face.



Image credit: Mike/FAMEFLYNET

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