Motive Episode 4 “Against All Odds” RECAP 6/27/13

Motive Episode 4 “Against All Odds” RECAP 6/27/13

Motive returns to ABC tonight with an all new episode called, “Against All Odds.”   On last week’s show when a customs officer murdered a limo driver, Detectives Flynn and Vega searched for the killer and his motive, which led them to a femme fatale waitress at a dockside café – who had charmed the unsuspecting sap into stealing, lying and ultimately committing murder, all in the name of love.

On tonight’s episode a high-priced lawyer is discovered murdered in his home, and while Detectives Flynn and Vega work the case, Manny is arrested for vandalism.

Tonight’s Motive guest stars Liane Balaban as Sarah Muller, Dylan Neal as Shawn Mitchell, Lilah Fitzgerald as Amy Muller, G. Michael Gray as Rick Muller, Chelah Horsdal as Deana Mitchell, Sean Owen Roberts as Derek Crane, Peter Kelamis as Jack Carlin, Peter Jenkins as Bert Malek, Derek Green as Craig Norton, Marilyn Norry as homeless woman, Don Mackay as Mr. Stanley Ashburn, Peter New as Martin Kane, Gregory Taven as amorous man and Lee Tomaschefski as amorous woman.

The show airs tonight on ABC at 9 PM EST and we will be covering it with all the details.


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