Camilla Parker-Bowles Reduces Kate Middleton to Tears Yet Again

Camilla Parker-Bowles Reduces Kate Middleton to Tears Yet Again

I can’t even imagine having a mother-in-law like Camilla Parker-Bowles. She is that stereotype that we all fear getting stuck with, isn’t she?  Unfortunately it looks like the Brits are going to be stuck with her as their queen too! So what did she do this time? Well there was a parade for Queen Elizabeth’s birthday that is known as Trooping the Colour and all of the royals are on grand display. Camilla traveled in a carriage with both Kate Middleton and Prince Harry and by the time they stepped off the coach Kate was biting back the tears.

According to the July 8th print edition of GLOBE, Kate commented on how in awe of the Queen she is. The woman is incredibly frail but still put on a brave face and waved to the crowds lining the streets. At first Camilla told Kate to worry about herself and Kate thought for a second that the comment was meant to show a bit of concern for her in Camilla’s typically harsh way.  Unfortunately Camilla then launched into a tirade about how meaningless Kate is. She told Kate that once she produces a royal heir William will be done with her and take a mistress, someone he really loves. As if that wasn’t bad enough Camilla then told her that when she files for divorce she better not expect to keep her child because it’ll belong with the royals!

Kate couldn’t believe that out of nowhere Camilla seized the moment to take such a clear and hurtful shot at her.  Harry overheard the comments and demanded his rotten step mother shut her mouth.  He’s the last person that wants to be reminded of a prince taking a mistress, especially while sitting there with the women that helped to bust up his fathers’ marriage to Princess Diana. Harry is also known to be protective of Kate and won’t tolerate anyone upsetting her.

 Kate was rumored to have said that Camilla will never lay a finger on her child. That might be the best possible idea don’t

Image credit: Flynet UK/FameFlynet Pictures

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