Kanye West and Ray J War Could Explode Tonight At The Bet Awards!

Kanye West and Ray J War Could Explode Tonight At The Bet Awards!

Kanye West and Ray J could potentially run into each other at the BET Awards tonight, and if they do, things will definitely get ugly. The R&B singer infamously wrote a song in regards to his brief relationship with Kim Kardashian back in 2006; in which he repeatedly phrases the word ‘I hit it first’ throughout the chorus.

The track also hears Ray J sing: “She might move on to rappers and ball players but we all know I hit it first,” referring to Kim’s relationship since her break-up from the 32-year old. So, Kanye has pretty much every reason to be mad at him; he’s talking smack about him and his baby mother, and if we were to believe reports that state West will definitely be showing up at tonight’s event, then we’d suggest Ray better go and hide.Kanye is nominated for several awards tonight while his close pals Beyonce and Jay-Z are also expected to attend the show, while Ray J is said to be presenting an award. Oooh, could you imagine if Kim’s ex ends up presenting an award that Kanye wins — maybe that’s what the BET Awards producers are staging up to do, so that they cause some kind of drama. Every award show needs drama, right?

Kanye is a grown man and if we were to believe Kris Jenner who says that the rapper has really become a real soft guy since the birth of his daughter, we’d think that Mr. West would know how to handle himself in a situation like that, but then we can’t forget that it’s Kanye we’re talking about; the same guy who upstaged Taylor Swift’s moment at the Video Music Awards back in 2009.

Meanwhile, Kim gets to avoid all the awkwardness as she continues to watch over her fragile baby, following her 5-week premature birth two weeks ago. It’s better she stays at home, because who knows what could go down at tonight’s event! We’ll definitely be watching.

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