Lindsay Lohan Plans To Go Into Hiding To Stay Sober After Rehab Stint

Lindsay Lohan Plans To Go Into Hiding To Stay Sober After Rehab Stint

Is Lindsay Lohan finally turning over a new leaf? That would be a first. According to TMZ, Lindsay’s finally clean and sober after spending several months in rehab, but she’s planning on going into hiding after she gets out so she doesn’t get sucked back into the world of partying, drinking, and drugs.

According to sources, Lindsay is scheduled to get out of rehab in August, and friends of hers are saying that she wants to go somewhere in the US where there are ‘no paparazzi’. According to these sources, LA and New York City have always been feeding her addictions, and we certainly know that they are not exactly the best place for a recovering addict.

According to the report, Lindsay’s treatment plan has been working splendidly and she’s finally on her way to recovery. According to Lindsay’s friends, she’s ‘deathly’ afraid of relapsing, and thinks that finding a reclusive place to live for a while may be the only chance she has at a permanent recovery.

Of course, this could all just be leaked from Lindsay’s camp to make her look good for the media, and we won’t really know until she does end her rehab stint in August.

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