Amanda Bynes Says She Is Getting Married, HUH?

Amanda Bynes Says She Is Getting Married, HUH?

Amanda Bynes claims she’s planning on getting married in the near future. The troubled actress who has been spiralling out of control since her move to New York last year, continues to make headlines with her odd behavior. Amanda believes that now that she has had her breast implants removed and corrected her nose thanks to help of her surgeon, she’s ready to finally walk down the aisle.

But, don’t think that the lucky man will be anyone we know; it’s definitely NOT Drake who she continues to diss in several new tweets she wrote yesterday afternoon: “Drake is ugly. Drake is not the one for me, but I’m sure he’ll make someone happy.” Okay, so we’ve figured that her former crush won’t be murdering her vagina on their honeymoon — what a relief.

We are wondering who she could possibly have her eyes set on; you’d think that before making big decisions like wanting to get married, you’d at least let people know who it is, but no – Amanda wants us to keep guessing in a follow-up tweet which read: “I need to have surgery to look beautiful for the man I’m in love with so I feel comfortable with the way I look when we get married.”So, she’s still not finished with the changes she wants to make yet, but she’s almost there. Good to know. Amanda recently told RadarOnline that she still isn’t happy with her nose; she still sees the “webbing” between her eyes which she desperately wants to have removed before she says ‘I do.

That raises another question: who’s she going to invite? Her estranged parents definitely won’t be on the wedding guest list, seeing that she no longer wants to have a relationship with them. Sources say that Bynes is fed up of family and friends trying to control her life, she’s told them several times in the past that she has no mental problems; she’s completely fine and the fact that they continuously ask her to seek help is what’s keeping her away from them.

Wow! This wedding should be super interesting, think I can get an invite?


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