Big Brother Season 15 Episode 4 “Live Eviction” RECAP 7/3/13

Big Brother Season 15 Episode 4 “Live Eviction” RECAP 7/3/13

Big Brother returns to CBS tonight with another drama packed episode.  On last episode we saw the PoV competition where McCrae won.  McCrae used the Veto on Candice, she was off the block and he put up her replacement, Elissa and told her straight out that he thought she should go home.

Elissa was the first BBMVP she got to choose a third house guest to put up for eviction and behind closed door.  Elissa made her first dumb move in the game, she told McCrae that she was the first BBMVP, in fact, she let him choose who he wanted to put up. McCrae wanted to put up David because he is a strong competitor and Elissa did it.  Did you watch the last episode where the first BBMVP was announced? We did and we recapped it right here for you!

On tonight’s show we will see the live eviction show and either David, Elissa, or Jessie will be saying goodbye to the big brother house.  Once the live eviction is over the HoH competition will take place.

Meanwhile in other Big Brother news a former houseguest on the show in 2011, Rachel Reilly spilled her guts to reporters that the Big Brother habitat is a cesspool of racist and homophobic lies.  To check out what Rachel had to say [POST HERE]


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