Robert Pattinson Dating Riley Keough To Make Kristen Stewart Jealous?

Robert Pattinson Dating Riley Keough To Make Kristen Stewart Jealous?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have only officially been broken up for little more than a month now, but that hasn’t stopped Rob from moving on. He has been spotted with Kristen’s [ex] best friend Riley Keough, and it has been confirmed that Rob and Riley are dating.

Now, when Rob and Riley were first spotted together, everyone was quick to jump to the conclusion that she was a Kristen Stewart look-a-like and that it was clear indication that Rob wasn’t over Kristen yet. Um, I doubt it. But isn’t it funny that all the women Rob has been linked with are supposedly ‘good’ friends with Kristen as well?

Poor Kristen. Her friends just don’t care. But it’s also looking like Rob is going out of his way to make her feel jealous. When you break up with someone and it’s supposedly an ‘amicable’ breakup [which I don’t think this was], would you do something that you know will make your ex feel bad? I think people give Rob too much credit in this scenario – I don’t think he’s as mature as people  make him out to be, especially with how much he’s been spotted partying in LA lately.Either way, I feel like he’s been trying to make Kristen jealous. Supposedly hooking up with Katy Perry, and now dating one of Kristen’s close friends. You just don’t do stuff like that by accident when you know the repercussions that it will have on your ex-girlfriend.

What do you guys think? Is Rob trying to make Kristen jealous? Or is it just that Rob and Kristen have always had common friends, and Rob doesn’t really know any other women? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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