Is Miley Cyrus Stressed Out And “Wasting Away” At Less Than A 100 Pounds?

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Is Miley Cyrus Stressed Out And ‘Wasting Away’ At Less Than A 100 Pounds?

Has Miley Cyrus been stressed out and ‘wasting’ away at 98 pounds? According to a new report from Life & Style Magazine, Miley’s friends and family are shocked to see the singer’s stick-thin frame, and her rapid weight loss has them all very worried.

According to a supposed fitness expert, Miley Cyrus, “has the frame of a prepubescent child, not a 20-year-old woman.” The expert also claims that Miley couldn’t weigh more than 98 pounds, and that is not a healthy weight for her BMI. A source close to Miley also weighed in, saying, “She’s barely eating. It’s really unhealthy. She’s dealing with so much stress right now.”

So – Miley has definitely lost a lot of weight last year. It’s definitely noticeable and it was definitely drastic. However, her body is also incredibly toned – which is not something that comes from not eating, but rather from exercise. Miley’s always been very vocal about her methods of exercising, and it’s hard to achieve the kind of muscle definition she has [and continually shows off with skin baring outfits] without working out. Sure, she could be eating less AND working out, but then she’d look skeletal instead of toned – which she definitely doesn’t.

That being said, I buy that stress has added to her weight loss over the past year, and no doubt her relationship troubles with Liam Hemsworth are coming into play there. However, I don’t think we have anything to worry about just yet. Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments.


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