Jessica Biel Fuming Over Justin Timberlake New Explicit Video – Trouble in Paradise Already?

Jessica Biel Fuming Over Justin Timberlake New Explicit Video - Trouble in Paradise Already?

Jessica Biel is reportedly fuming over the fact that Justin Timberlake placed naked women in his newest music video without her consent. The pop star unveiled his latest visual for his track Tunnel Vision earlier this week, and took everyone by surprise, including his wife who allegedly wasn’t even aware of the concept for the video.

Throughout the video, dozens of naked women get touchy-touchy with themselves while Justin seems to be in another room as he films his solo shots. Just because Justin is filming his scenes seperately – away from the girls – doesn’t mean that it’s okay not to give your woman a heads up on the amount of nakedness her eyes will see once the final version is released.

It’s not even been a year since the two tied the knot and Justin is already keeping secrets from his wife? Pretty sad, don’t you think? But maybe these are the early signs on what could possibly be the end of their short lived marriage; because if we think about it, Jessica rarely makes any appearances with Justin in public and rarely ever shows her support of Justin’s career moves.The last time we saw her with Justin was at the Grammys back in February, and just like Kim Kardashian, she probably just followed along so that she could sit next to Beyonce and Jay-Z — what is it with celebs and them wanting to get up, close and personal with Jay and Bey? LOLz. The couple are two completely different people; Biel is more of the type of person that wants to sit at home and never show her face in public while Justin is more of a free spirit and doesn’t take everything so seriously.

But, we should add that Justin’s video seems very, very similar to Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. Both videos are almost identical; chicks running naked from side to side – the only difference is that while in one video the girls are feeling themselves up, Robin’s one has the girls dancing in nude.

Whatever the situation might be with the whole controversy with the video and the reason why Justin wouldn’t tell Jessica, we like how the final results came out.  Besides Jessica needs to show more support to her hubby before she can question his creative decisions, because if we were married to someone like Jessica, we wouldn’t tell her a thing either.

Image credit: FameFlynet, Inc – Beverly Hills, CA, U.S.A.

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