Vampire Diaries Star Zach Roerig Seeking Full Custody Of His Daughter, Baby’s Mother in Jail

Vampire Diaries Star Zach Roerig Seeking Full Custody Of His Daughter, Baby's Mother in Jail

Vampire Diaries actor Zach Roerig is seeking for full custody of his two-year old daughter Alanna Turner due to his ex-girlfriend Alanna Turner’s constant run-in with the police.

Zack plays Matt Donovan on the Vampire Diaries on of the few non-vampires on the show.  He was in school with Elena (Nina Dobrev), Caroline and Bonnie.

According to TMZ, Zach’s ex is a real troublemaker and has landed herself in jail after pleading guilty to crimes she committed that could see her face time behind prison for months.

Zach kept quiet about his child from everyone, including his cast members – no word on why he kept it a secret, but one thing is for sure; he wants sole custody and he’ll fight for it until he gets his way.   Currently, the chances of him being granted his request is very likely, seeing that his daughter is currently staying with Alanna’s family.Zach feels that his baby momma is totally irresponsible and wasn’t even aware of the fact that she had been to jail so many times in the past. It’s questionable whether or not Zach even knew about his daughter until recently.  Court documents state that he’s looking for child support payments from the woman.

Kind of crazy for him to ask for child support knowing that he makes big bucks on the Vampire Diaries. Maybe he’s just pissed with the fact that he’s had a daughter all these years and possibly didn’t know about her. Either way, the judge will definitely give Zach sole custody within the next few weeks.

Whether or not she’ll fight the custody battle is yet to be revealed, but she has 0 chances of winning the case, seeing that she’s locked up behind bars and has a history with the police. What a messy situation. Good for Zack — he’s stepping up to the plate and wants to be a good father to his daughter.

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