Brandi Glanville Drunk In See-Through Dress Helped Out Of Club (PHOTOS)

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Brandi Glanville Drunk In See-Through Dress Helped Out Of Club (PHOTOS)

At times we feel sorry for the way Brandi Glanville is being treated in the media, but other times when she starts acting all crazy and drunk in public, we almost feel embarrassed for her.

The mother of two was an utter mess last night as she required assistance by a male companion whilst making her way to the London Hotel in West Hollywood. The 40-year old had reportedly been heavily drinking at The Abbey, before heading over to Dan Tana’s where she was already exhausted but downed a few more drinks — and we’re not talking about orange juice.

She then jumped into a cab and headed to the nearest hotel where she would spend the night and most likely woken up with the worst hangover, ever. Let’s be serious for a minute, which grown up woman behaves like this? Not only is she dressed like a street walker – bum cheeks flashing to the cameras, breasts popping out her bra and her see through wrap dress – she couldn’t even walk by herself. That’s when you know you’ve had one too many.

The thing with Brandi is that while she’s a good mother to her two boys – Jake and Mason – she shouldn’t start questioning herself why her sons call LeAnn Rimes mommy. The singer recently said: “Sometimes they’ll blurt out: ‘Mom!’, but I just go with whatever they call me. As long as it’s nice and respectful, I couldn’t care less.” So, the fact that Brandi thinks her behavior is acceptable knowing that she has two young kids that are most likely going to see those photos makes the whole thing very disturbing.  Even though LeAnn and Brandi have their constant Twitter feuds, LeAnn would never embarrass the kids like their mother does.

Sure, things aren’t easy for Brandi – she makes a measly $60,000 per SEASON on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hill and hasn’t been in a committed relationship since her divorce from Eddie Cibrian.  She constantly says she’s so over her ex and that if he was to ask her back she would definitely say no, we know that’s a lie because there’s no other reason why the reality star would act out like this.

July 4th, Brandi received a lot of backlash for not spending the celebration day with her children, which didn’t seem to stick too well with her seeing that she fumed on Twitter that she shares joint-custody with Eddie, meaning that they have to come to an agreement when they get to have the boys: “For people who are curious Eddie and I share equal 50 50 custody of our kids and take turns on the holidays. Geeeeeeeez.”

Well Brandi you better be careful that LeAnn doesn’t end up convincing Eddie to go for full custody of the children, because if we continue seeing you like this – a drunken mess – without a doubt, LeAnn will strike.

She’ll make sure Cibrian gets the best lawyer in town to fight a sole custody battle.  With the evidence you provide  last night showing  you walk through the streets of Hollywood naked (giving the impression your a bad mom when that may not be the case) is going to have the case settled within minutes.

You’re 40, not 24 – stop embarrassing yourself and your kids like this.


Image credit: Thumbs42/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

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