Kristen Stewart Furious At Robert Pattinson For Dating Riley Keough – Harassing Him With Texts

Kristen Stewart Furious At Robert Pattinson For Dating Riley Keough - Harassing Him With Texts

Kristen Stewart is fuming over Robert Pattinson‘s alleged relationship to Riley Keough. The granddaughter to Elvis Presley has reportedly been seeing the famous actor for weeks.  She was spotted at his house several times back in June, which raised a few eyebrows, everyone thought Rob breaking up with Kristen was only temporary.

Well, it looks like K-Stew thought this too because now, she’s sending endless amount of texts to Rob trying to get to the bottom of the story. As we all know, the Twilight actress still isn’t over Rob and having to be informedthat her ex has officially moved on must have really torn her heart apart.

The saddest thing about this is that the 23-year old is sort of to blame for Rob and Riley’s relationship, since she was the one who introduced them three years ago. Keough and Kristen were working on the film The Runaways together and quickly formed a friendship; Riley was even invited over to the house Kristen shared with Rob from time to time but never in a million years did Stewart think her so-called ‘friend’ would hook up with the man she still has feelings for.Sometimes couples just need a break from each other in relationships and this is exactly what Kristen was giving Robert,- she certainly didn’t think that Robert would actually leave her for good.  Seeing that they’ve broken up numerous amount of times in the past, she just assumed they would get back together.  However, this time round it seems like there’s no going back as a source told Grazia magazine: “Kristen is furious and has texted Rob and called Riley to find out what is going on, but apparently none of her calls have been answered.”

Sources add that Robert is planning a vacation for him and Riley in the weeks to come, meanwhile the phone calls he has been receiving from his ex-girlfriend have gone unanswered — he feels that Kristen needs to get over herself and realize he doesn’t want her back. “Rob only knows Riley because of Kristen. Now they’ve been inseparable in the last few weeks and have been having low key dates at his LA home,” an insider continued.

If this isn’t the breaking point for Kristen to realize that her 4-year relationship to Robert is officially over, then we don’t know what is. Riley’s rep are denying the story despite the fact that a bazillion photos of the couple have been surfacing online in recent weeks — maybe she’s just a really, really, really, really close friend to Rob that likes to spend most of her nights over at his house so that they can play video games?  Haha… or maybe not.

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