Hell’s Kitchen Season 11 “5 Chefs Compete Part 3” RECAP 7/11/13

Hell’s Kitchen Season 11 “5 Chefs Compete Part 3” RECAP 7/11/13

Our favorite Chef, Gordon Ramsay’s reality show Hell’s Kitchen returns tonight with part 3 of “5 Chef’s Compete.”    On last week’s show the challenges didn’t stop now that the chefs had received their black jackets, as Chef Ramsay surprised them by bringing back a team of previous HELL’S KITCHEN winners to challenge them at dinner service.

Ramsay let the teams design their own menus for dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen and the finalists went head-to-head with the returning champs.  Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it here for you!

On tonight’s show the final five chefs must prove that they deserve to stay in the competition by creating their most impressive gourmet burger. They face a tough room of critics as Chef Ramsay and room filled with dining professionals will determine the best and the worst burgers. The winning chef earns a relaxing day at the spa, while the remaining chefs are tasked with endless chores. Later, pressure mounts when the chefs must serve a VIP guest, but huge missteps in the kitchen put dinner service at a virtual standstill. Find out which contestant is sent home after a dramatic elimination round.

Tonight’s episode are going to be another drama packed ones, which you won’t want to miss.


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