Revenge Casting News: Justin Hartley Cast As Victoria’s Secret Son!

Revenge Casting News: Justin Hartley Cast As Victoria's Secret Son!

One of our favorite tv shows, Revenge, isn’t back yet from summer hiatus but they are still making us clamor for the next new episode. Revealed today in an exclusive to Eonline, Victoria’s secret son has been officially cast. Justin Hartley, primarily known as a CW alum but was also the hunky Chad from “Passions” is set to make his scandalous debut this fall.

Not only do we finally get to meet this long-lost son on Revenge this season; there’s also a rumor about him appearing in the season premiere. I do wonder how that’ll happen? If I remember correctly didn’t Victoria do her utmost best not to be found by erasing all connections to herself. That leaves me to wonder how this story arc can go. Here are my two guesses – Either Conrad changed his mind and decided to “reconnect” Victoria with her son or Emily dug him up somewhere and is prepared to use him.

The last we saw of the hit show, the only happy person standing just happen to be Conrad Gracen. Everyone else was truly having one of the worst days of their lives. So you may never know. This whole son business could very well be a scam. It’s not as if Conrad needs Victoria’s real son,  just a son that could hurt her.

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