Big Brother 2013 Season 15 Episode 8 “Nominations” RECAP 7/14/13

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Big Brother 2013 Season 15 Episode 8 “Eviction Nominations” RECAP 7/14/13

Big Brother returns tonight with more craziness and tonight we will see who Helen decides is going up for eviction nominations.  I am so hoping she chooses Jeremy.  On last week’s show the Moving Company alliance started to fall apart.  Jeremy wanted Elissa to go home and demanding all the members of his alliance vote her out.

However, the other men did not take kindly to being ordered around and went against his wishes.  By the end of the show Elissa was saved and Nick was blindsided and sent home.  GinaMarie took his eviction hard and sobbed and sobbed. At the HoH competition all the remaining houseguests worked hard to win but at the end Helen was victorious and she is the HoH this week.  Did you watch last week’s Live Eviction and HoH competition? We did and we recapped it right here for you!

On tonight’s show Helen has decisions to make, this is her week to be in control of the house.   I am sure Helen will be targeting to get Jeremy out, but this is BB so you never know.  After Nick’s eviction last week GinaMarie had a big drama fest where she sobbed and sobbed and I wanted to go right through the television and slap her.  Apparently after last week’s show she also had a bit of a meltdown.  There was also a lot of racial slurs and we are wondering if BB will air the coverage or omit it.  We will find out tonight!


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