Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson Race to Lose Baby Weight

Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson Race to Lose Baby Weight

Losing those extra pounds after finally giving birth is an issue for every woman but celebs seem to feel the pressure to look good a little bit more. Kim Kardashian has pretty much built an entire empire on looking sexy and without having her body to do the talking for her these last several months, well her phone pretty much stopped ringing.  I think when Kim finally delivered her baby girl on June 15th she was more happy at the prospect of reclaiming her body than she was at becoming a mother.

According to the July 22nd print edition of In Touch, Kim is planning on losing a lot of weight fast using Tracy Anderson’s Post Pregnancy Workout. Rumor has it that Kim doesn’t even want to be spotted in public until people can ohh and ahh at her new figure. She knows that in order to take in the money again she needs to whip herself into fabulous shape fast.Another new mom on the fast track to losing baby weight is Jessica Simpson who gave birth to her son Ace on June 28th. Luckily Jess gained only about 35 pounds this time around and knows exactly how to reclaim her pre-pregnancy body. Last year she dropped 70 pounds after delivering her daughter Maxi and is likely to use Weight Watchers this time around.

Jess doesn’t care about how she looks in a bikini nearly as much as she does when she walks down the aisle next year with fiance Eric Johnson. Everyone wants to look amazing on their wedding day and this mom of two would love nothing more than to be hotter than ever when she finally ties the knot!

I’m sure Jess can pull off the transformation but what about Kim? Do you think she’ll be able to reclaim the figure that made her famous? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!
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