Beyonce Hates Her Thighs Thinks They Are Too Muscular

Beyonce Hates Her Thighs Thinks They Are Too Muscular

I think there is nothing better than finding out that a mega watt celebrity has some of the same body issues as Plain Jane down the street. At the end of the day most women aren’t always in love with the body that they have been blessed with and according to former Destiny’s Child star Michelle Williams, Beyonce used to be just like the rest of us!

The July 22nd print edition of In Touch features a ditty from Michelle and in it she is discussing growing into womanhood while being with the super popular girl group. She says back in Destiny’s Child’s heyday they all had body issues. Michelle struggled to gain weight, while Beyonce used to obsess over her muscular thighs. While the ladies reeked of onstage confidence, behind the scenes they were typical women with their own insecurities trying out various diets and worloput regimens in order to become a more perfect version of themselves.Ten years later Beyonce seems to have no issue at all when it comes to displaying the body that she has worked hard to reclaim after giving birth to Blu Ivy last year. Do you think she still looks in the mirror and cringes just a little? Or has Bey made peace with her imperfections and really embraced her curves rather than just saying that she loves them? She has always been outspoken about female empowerment of all kinds but do you think there is still that little voice in her head that makes her feel a bit insecure now and then or has she really overcome it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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