Big Brother 2013 Season 15 Episode 9 “PoV Competition” RECAP 7/17/13

Big Brother 2013 Season 15 Episode 9 “PoV Competition” RECAP 7/17/13

Tonight on CBS Big Brother returns with another crazy episode and we will have Veto competition.  On last episode now that Helen was in control of the house she had decisions to make.  She had to decide who she would put up for eviction.  We also had to deal with more of GinaMarie’s drama fest over Nick being voted out of the house.  I swear I wanted to slap her and her crocodile tears.  Aaryn continued to be a mega biatchy and dropped racial slurs right, left and center.

However, when Amanda brought to her attention how vile she was she decided perhaps she should make an apology to Candice about her vile comments.  Candice did not buy the apology for one minute.  By the end of the show the have nots were chosen.  Judd, Amanda and McCrae were the have nots for the week.  Helen named her nominations for eviction and she chose Aaryn and Kaitlin.  Did you watch the last episode where the elimination nominations we announced? We did and we recapped it right here for you!

On tonight’s show we will see  what happened in the PoV competition.  This week will be a puzzle competition.  We will also find out who America has chose to be MVP this week.  Will it be Elissa again?  Who will be the their nominee going up, we will find out tonight.


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