Kate Middleton & Prince William Back In London Is The Royal Baby On The Way?

Kate Middleton & Prince William Back In London Is The Royal Baby On The Way?

According to sources at US Magazine,pregnant Kate Middleton — plus husband Prince William — abruptly departed Bucklebury with police escorts around 3 p.m. local time. The expectant royal couple are bound for London, and all royal protection officers have since departed the Bucklebury area.

Although the press cannot assume the Duchess is in officially labor, let’s all hope she’s racing to St. Mary’s hospital to bless the Lindo Wing with the new Prince or Princess of Cambridge. Waitie Katie’s due date has came and went. Middleton continues to taunt the media with her expectancy date, and her meat beating baby sister Pippa Middleton is hell bent on stealing the Cambridge royal thunder. So for now, it’s all about North West, unless Pippa gets pregnant. Pippa’s the only person who has the relentless endurance to force-feed her image and persona down our dehydrated throats (while maintaining her high society hunger pains) like loose booty KIm . Not even the sweet Duchess of Cambridge can steal the Kardashian’s thunder. Since we’re sick of the Kardashian circus, and Kate Middleton refuses to skinny dip naked again, Pippa is the only one suitable to dethrone Kim Kardashian.

As Londoners grapple with speculations of the birthdate of the royal heir, Hollywood would sacrifice Ryan Seacrest for an eyeball of North West (and we LOVE Seacrest!). We’re all guilty of hating the Kardashians, but we ‘Keep Up’ anyway. Nori Dash is the Larry Byrd of celebrity babies. So we don’t give a nose job if Jennifer Garner is expecting, or just a little too accustomed to Honey Boo’s Boo’s Sketti. Poor North gets to grow in a spotlight larger than Larry King’s glasses. She’s Hollywood’s princess.

We wish blessings to William and Kate on their new royal joy , but let’s hope she’s born before Nevuary.

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