Prince George’s Baptism Will Involve Close Friends, Family, and be Filled with Royal Flare!

Prince George's Baptism Will Involve Close Friends, Family, and be Filled with Royal Flare!

The countdown to baby Prince George’s christening begins. That’s how quickly these things get organized. Now that we have the little guy we have to tie him to the church.

According to US Magazine, George is eventually going to be surrounded by a group of 60 consisting of family and friends who have come to celebrate his first sacrament. There will be the Archbishop of Canterbury doing the blessing and the whole thing should wrap up after thirty minutes. Minus an archbishop everything appears normal. But George isn’t normal. He’s in line to be the boss of the guy who blesses him. So he gets to be anointed by water from the river Jordan. And that’s before he gets serenaded with hymns.

At the reception Kate Middleton and Prince William get to serve the top layer of their wedding cake. You know from their wedding two and half years ago. In any case the whole wedding cake albeit gross is traditional, but the funniest part was when George was born and several fans had jokily referred to him as the second coming. It was a joke and it was funny but his whole christening is sounding like it took the joke serious.

At my baptism I’m pretty sure they used tap water and not even the good kind. I feel like Harry should lighten the mood and switch the River Jordan with Poland Spring. Otherwise all of this pomp and ceremony is going to make some people *cough The Middletons* cough too big for their bridges.

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