Homeland Teaser Gives Fans a Glimpse of Season 3 Drama (VIDEO)

Homeland Teaser Gives Fans a Glimpse of Season 3 Drama (VIDEO)

Season three of Homeland doesn’t return for two months but already the powers-that-be are getting fans of the show excited about what’s to come.  Season two ended with the character of Nicholas Brody going into hiding after his taped confession of a planned attack on the vice president — which never happened — was released after the horrific terrorist bombing at Langley. This makes Brody the single most wanted criminal in the world which means he went deep underground to hide from the authorities.

We actually have a teaser of the first episode in season three and it truly leaves fans with more questions and no answers. Just a black backdrop and snippets of Brody weakened and asking for help to remain on the lamb and then a bit of an interrogation.  Since the new season will begin with the aftermath of the terrorist attack the action will be intense right from the get-go.

According to producers of Homeland Brody will be missing from the first two episodes and that is totally storyline dictated. If he popped up right away it would make his going into hiding that much less believable. They needed a few episodes to build up the drama around where he is and how to find him. The season doesn’t start until Sept. 29th and that’s quite a ways off for fans who love the show, don’t you think?  If they’ve started to drop teasers this early on do you think there are more snippets of the action to come to give fans something to hang on to?

Will you tune in to season three of Homeland? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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