Kate Middleton And Prince George’s First Days Home – Details

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Kate Middleton And Prince George's First Days Home - Details

People Magazine has termed it the peaceful days. Yeah but for whom? Prince George and his parents Kate Middleton and Prince William may be enjoying the rest and relaxation over at Granny’s (Carole Middleton) but there are already reports coming from Bucklebury that the residents aren’t happy with heightened security much less the news vans.

Kate Middleton I’m sure is enjoying  having her mom’s help. Which first time mother wouldn’t although in amidst of all of this maybe Kate should have stayed in London. The Cambridge family only have two weeks before Prince William returns to his job up in Wales. Shouldn’t this time have been bonding time between the three and  then after that have your mom come visit you for a couple of weeks?

That is how it normally goes. The daughter doesn’t move in with the mother, the mother comes for a visit. It’s a good thing Kate is a fast learner. By the sudden announcement that the family will be moving into their country estate years before they were expected to, someone must have told her to leave the poor town of Bucklebury alone.

Now it’s only too bad for the residents of Amner Hall. They have to find a new place very quickly. So thanks Will and Kate for constantly displacing people. Your selfishness provides entertainment.

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