Ellen DeGeneres At War With Kris Jenner – Cat Fight!

Ellen DeGeneres At War With Kris Jenner - Cat Fight!

It’s the war of the Talk Shows!   Ellen Degeneres reportedly has it out for Kris Jenner.

Apparently the whole thing started after Kris’s show beat out Ellen’s in the little time it’s been on TV. Jealous is called the green eyed monster for a reason. The usually calm and nice Ellen flew into a rage all because she feels like Kris cares only about the ratings.

“She’ll make a mockery out of talk shows because she doesn’t care about her guests,” Ellen said, according to a source. “She only cares about herself.”

Yeah people want to take pride in their work but let’s face it ratings count and if Ellen claims that’s not as important then she’s lying. Ellen, being smart, goes on to list all the other things that Kris does that tick her off. That way she get followers that will jump on the Kris hating wagon with her. According to the National Enquirer, Ellen has criticize everything from Kris showing up with someone else’s baby all the way down to her family’s love of fur.

That last one she knows will only serve to rile PETA. Yet what does she care when she’s being this unreasonable. Another flour bomb won’t faze her. As long as it doesn’t pull in even more viewership for Kris.

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