Jennifer Aniston Warns Katie Couric To Stay Away From Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston Warns Katie Couric To Stay Away From Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston and Katie Couric are at war. But no one knows who started it or how far these once classy ladies are willing to take things. However thanks to the National Enquirer we do know that blood has already been spilt.

If you look into any feud with Jennifer Anniston the best place to start would be Chelsea Handler. For some reason that girl just can’t shut up and it doesn’t even have to be speaking about herself. Jen is a friend but she’s also a favorite topic of Chelsea’s. So who could blame Katie for wanting to dig up dirt on Jen by using Chelsea. Well Jen apparently is upset. She feels that Katie is up in her business for no good. Listen I could have told her that. Katie is a reporter if she’s sniffing a story then she has to investigate. In the end if she finds things that Jen is uncomfortable about then oh well….

That’s not a good enough excuse to start a feud. If Jen wants to start with her then she has to remember everyone that ever wrote a bad thing about her and that’s everyone. Every time Brad and Angelina are happy or have good news then do a side photo of Jen looking unhappy and puffy. Instead of focusing on the negative press that she’ll always get why don’t she turn attention onto her fiancé. The two have been postponing their wedding forever. Let that occupy Jennifer and not Katie.

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