Judges Orders Amanda Bynes To Stay In Hospital Longer – Conservatorship Next?

Judges Orders Amanda Bynes To Stay In Hospital Longer

Amanda Bynes lost her bid for freedom today and her psychiatrists won the right to keep her in their custody for another 30 days. You know something must be seriously wrong if the mental hospital goes to court to extend your stay. I’m sorry Amanda Bynes, but all your tweets and behavior led to this. They were just too cray-cray. 

TMZ reports, “doctors at the psychiatric hospital where Amanda has been held for the last 2 weeks determined she was not well enough to leave the hospital to attend today’s hearing”

The hearing is actually part of her parents fight for conservatorship, but let’s be honest, after the doctors recommend an extended stay what judge in his right mind will refuse the Bynes family now. Mind you, I never saw why New York made it so difficult for the family back when Amanda was throwing bongs out of windows, but that’s just me. Anyway California makes it easier for the family so oddly enough, Thank God she turned into a fire starter over there on the west coast.

Surprisingly enough – I want to know the details of what happened that made the hospital keep her. It’s not weird or anything but the hospital did get a judge to come down as see for himself that Amanda needed a longer visit in the loony bin. What could the judge have seen? Was it like Gothika? Yes I’m ashamed I saw that movie but I really what know if Amanda pulled something as disturbing as that.


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