Jenelle Evans Infuriates Her New Boyfriend Nathan Griffiths’ Baby Mama

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Jenelle Evans Infuriates Her New Boyfriends' Baby Mama

Jenelle Evans has a way of pissing off people wherever she goes, doesn’t she?  She also seems to have the worst radar when it comes to men. The jury is still out on her new boyfriend, former Marine Nathan Griffiths, but as usual Jenelle had to start some trouble with his ex wife, Allison Stevens. According to the Aug. 19th print edition of Star magazine Nathan will likely be involved in filming the new season of Teen Mom and Allison does not want her 2-year old daughter, Emery to be involved in the least.

Jenelle had to start trouble by posting a video of herself interacting with the child and saying, “Come here baby, I’m going to be your new mommy.”- fighting words for any mother to hear, right? Allison has come out swinging insisting that Jenelle, with her bad track record of drug arrests and violent outbursts, should not be anywhere near her daughter.

Ironically, at different points in time Allison has had a lot in common with Jenelle. She also went through a drug problem and rehab, a situation that left her mother with physical custody of Emery. She claims that she picks her daughter up everyday from school and is completely involved in her daily life. At this point Nathan only sees the child once or twice a month and on those occasions he should devote all of his attention to Emery and not Jenelle as well.

I don’t think there’s a mother alive that would want to have Jenelle anywhere near there baby, let alone telling the child that she’ll be their new mommy! Jenelle’s whole existence is as messed up as ever and she seems to exist just to push buttons and provoke people, don’t you think? Tell us your thoughts about Jenelle’s latest stupidity in the comments below!


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