Jennifer Aniston Is Not Pregnant Just A Little Fat She Claims

Jennifer Aniston Is Not Pregnant Just A Little Fat

Jennifer Aniston is not pregnant or so she says. That whole baby bump that was being snapped left and right is actually just extra weight. If that is the case she needs to stop wearing clothes that are super tight.  This dress accentuates the weight gain and makes it look like she has a baby bump.  Maybe Jennifer was looking for attention, she had to have noticed the tell tale bump. Just saying…

“No, there’s nothing to be announced,” she said. Aniston recently caused even more speculation when she emphasized her curves (and even a slight bump) in a skintight dress at the We’re the Millers premiere in NYC on Aug. 1, but attributes any recent rumors to “just a couple of lbs.”

No Jen that’s more than a couple. That requires exercise and a couple of pounds would only have needed a juice cleanse. As a matter a fact,  unusual when you gain weight around the midriff and nowhere else it is either a beer gut or a baby bump.  Maybe all her boozing and cigarette smoking has damaged her perfect body

It’s fine to be bigger but to have a bulge that gets mistaken for a baby bump is something that needed to be fixed. Jennifer isn’t that great of an actress and her face is no longer her best feature. In fact the only thing she beats out Angelina Jolie on is the body. Before anyone gets offended thinking Jolie’s body doesn’t compare anymore because of her mastectomy, they would be wrong. Angelia has always come in second except for the brief time filming tomb raider.

So Jen lose weight or dress better!

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