Kim Kardashian Fired Her Publicist, Kanye West Wants Her Out Of The Limelight!

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Kim Kardashian Fired Her Publicist

Did you know Kim Kardashian fired her publicist? No; well she did and at the most oddest time. Here she is about to debut her baby and she fires her publicist. Like hello, do you not realize that to reestablish your notoriety, that she lost when she went into hiding, she’s going to need some good PR?

 It’s not as if her PR was always good. Many like myself, I find it easier to pinpoint all of her flaws.  They’re more interesting. But these things are starting to add up and not in the good way.  Like Kim missed her sister Sweet 16 recently and she’s been incognito a little bit too long. Is Kim retiring from her former life as Reality Queen?

It looks that way and there’s no one to blame other than Kanye. You see this is a habit of Kim’s. She finds guys that never truly understands her brand. She married Kris and he thought she would raise their family in Minnesota. She got with Kanye and he wants to put her curvaceous and short body in haute couture. Then he wants her to become more private without thinking about how she’s only famous for being famous.

Kim didn’t let Kris stop her, but Kanye is the father of her child and his plan is working. Slowly she’ll be cut off the limelight.

Image credit: MiamiPIXX/BRJ/FAMEFLYNET

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