Kate Gosselin Whines It’s Tough Being A Normal Mom: No More Money For Plastic Surgery

Kate Gosselin Whines It's Tough Being A Normal Mom: No More Money For Plastic Surgery

The current issue of People Magazine features the cover story, “The Gosselins – Life After Reality TV.”  Kate Gosselin is whining about how difficult it is to be a single Mom to eight children.  Boo Hoo, I wonder how she would like it if she was a normal mom like you and I and did not have a reality show behind her belt.  How would she like to get a regular job that paid minimum wage or a little better?

Looking to extend her 15 minutes of fame and make us feel sorry for her, as if, Kate dishes this week to People Magazine.  She tells the magazine about her life after reality TV – with no help, no man and no big paycheck.  Now that the cameras have stopped, life is very different for her.  She says, “I’m living very carefully these days.”

Why do I think her carefully is not our carefully?  She has cut her botox injections from bi-weekly to monthly, oh the horror..

Of course Kate also claims she blames herself, ya right, “I made so many mistakes, of course,” she says.  Her big mistake was imagining she had talent and acting like a diva and losing her shows.  She thought the whole town would be running after her with job offers, WRONG!

What Kate fails to mention in the nauseating interview of self-pity is that she made bucket loads of money from her reality show.  Did she save it?  Nope, she spent it on plastic surgery, clothes, trips and toyboys and now she wants us to feel sorry for her.  Think again, Kate!

If you must read this pointless interview, head out to pick up the current issue of People magazine.

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