Miguel Busted For A DUI

Miguel Busted For A DUI

The new hot singer of the summer, Miguel, was arrested for a DUI this morning in L.A.  Should anyone be surprised? No freaking way.

How many time’s do these celebrities who can easily afford to get a taxi or a driver think its OK to still drive after having a couple of drinks?  Too much to count and they never get it or even learn from what happen to others. Fact:  The police love catching these guys. The mug shots can be “leaked” along with the dash cam. Oh that $5,000 dollar bail is like a cherry on top.

Miguel — full name  Miguel Jontel Pimentel — also took a breathalyzer and blew a .10 and .11 … which is over the .08 legal limit in CA.

At least he didn’t go fully over the limit, but when the cops pulled him over, he was reported to have reeked of booze. Giving him the benefit of the doubt he could have accidentally spilled some drinks on himself. There is more that’s required of a well put together guy than to be smelling of hard liquor and acting like a young punk.  I can already anticipate the cops lying in wait to nail this guy – and they will because everyone loves a sensational story

To check out more details on the subject and find out what they have to say about the matter head over to Impeccable Imperfections, [CLICK HERE]

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