“That 70’s Show” Star Lisa Robin Kelly Dead At 43

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"That 70’s Show" Star Lisa Robin Kelly Dead At 43

It’s with a heavy heart that it was announced today that Lisa Robin Kelly has passed away. The 43 year old “That 70’s Show” Alumni passed away in her sleep  Wednesday night at rehab. She had previously been experiencing problems with addictions when she checked herself in just last week.

To those who remember, she was arrested early this summer for a DUI. Luckily no one was hurt but the mug shot of her blurry eyes and pale skin led many to worry about her health. I for one didn’t know what happened to one of my favorite characters, Lauri. Here was a woman who had aged herself way before her time.

Then to hear she passed away in her sleep. Like what do you mean? She was in her early forties. Women that young don’t pass away in their sleep. She had apparently died after going into cardiac arrest. But while it’s unfathomable, Lisa lived a hard life.

She suffered from alcohol addiction for years and only recently got herself out of an abusive marriage. Her life was looking like it could turn around. She was in a new relationship and sources say she was taking this last rehab stint seriously. It’s sad to know that someone was so close to getting better only to pass away.

RIP Lisa!

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