Prince George’s First Month of Life at Bucklebury Manor

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Prince George's First Month of Life at Bucklebury Manor

Kate Middleton sure has made sure that her venture into motherhood is unfolding exactly the way that she wants it to. Rather than spend her first days at home with her new little Prince George under royal lock and key Kate instead opted to head home to her parents estate. Bucklebury Manor as it’s known is a $7 million dollar property nestled in the countryside. While the Middleton’s are quite obviously rolling in cash they have chosen to decorate the property with rustic charm that gives it a homey feel.

According to the Aug. 26th print edition of In Touch magazine the Middleton’s have spared no expense in preparing for their first grandchild to stay with them. Kate has always intended to spend her first month as a mom surrounded by her family. There is no royal baby nurse or exorbitant staff overseeing things, it’s just Kate, Prince William and her parents.Before William returned to work with the RAF he and Kate were sharing one of the 7 bedrooms on the property which is also fully equipped for Prince George as well. While the property is secluded you better believe that the country grounds nearby are swept regularly and  the house has been made as intruder resistant as possible. While Queen Elizabeth honored Prince William’s wishes to take the baby to Bucklebury, she isn’t taking foolish chances so security is certainly tight.

Are you surprised that Prince George is not holed up in the palace somewhere and that the Queen allowed him to be taken to the Middleton’s? Does this indicate a clear cut shift in power and how the royal family does things? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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