Lamar Odom’s Alleged Drug Dealer Dishes Details about His Drug Use

Lamar Odom's Alleged Drug Dealer Dishes Details about His Drug Use

Drug dealers must be going out of business if one of them can take the time off just to do an interview about Lamar Odom. Here I thought they worked that corner all day long. got the exclusive interview with a man that “claims” to be Lamar’s drug dealer. I say claim because the mysterious stranger remains a mysterious stranger and therefore Lamar couldn’t sue even if he wanted to. The only reason people are listening is that he allegedly has photographic proof. Anyway back to the interview. We finally learn exactly what Lamar was taking (there was a little bit confusion in the beginning). It wasn’t crack; it actually was a freebase cocaine. If don’t know what it is then you can’t afford it. Which is a good thing believe me. Lamar has reportedly spent an estimated $50, 000 in order for huff there and puff of OMG where am I?

Lamar was caught high on several occasion, including right before  a major Clippers game, my guess this only one of his dealers. You see this guy was for cocaine use but there were others for specific purposes. Here I am thinking wow, Lamar, you can’t even be faithful to you drug dealer. Khloe never really had a chance did she?

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