Did Justin Bieber Drop the N Bomb On His Newest Song Or Was It A Hoax

Did Justin Bieber Drop the N Bomb On His Newest Song Or Was It A Hoax

Justin Bieber had to come out today to defend himself against a cruel hoax or so he claims. The situation is this, someone released a song that sounded like Bieber dropping the “N” Word. Justin and his camp are denying it was him but their possible scenario is a bit farfetched.

“Justin’s camp tells TMZ … someone went to YouTube and created a fake account which looked very similar to Bieber’s REAL YouTube account.  We’re told the hoaxer then uploaded a song called, “What She Wants (Official) 2013” … which featured a singer that sounds like Bieber dropping the N-word in one of the lyrics.”

As you can see, their story is too out there. The video has been removed from YouTube but isn’t odd that no one has given a link to both the real and fake accounts of one Mr. Bieber. They only said the video was gone not the account. A side by side analysis could have helped dispel rumors. What they are saying is that Justin and his legal team are working to have the song completely removed from the internet.

Don’t know about anyone else but something smells fishy. As if maybe Justin released the song when he was drunk and stupid and when morning came he realized what this could do to his career. That seems more plausible to me.  What do you think?


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