Julianne Moore Cast In Mockingjay As President Coin

Julianne Moore Cast In Mockingjay As President Coin

Although this was rumored months and months ago, it’s just been confirmed by Lionsgate that Julianne Moore will be playing President Alma Coin in the Hunger GamesMockingjay: Part 1 and Mockingjay: Part 2.

Mockingay is the third and final novel of the enormously successful Hunger Games franchise, and the film’s currently being split into two separate parts. Coin plays an integral role in Mockingjay as the leader of the rebellion, and as such, they’ve obviously cast a very high profile actress to play her.

The cast of the Hunger Games series has gotten exceedingly more pedigreed since the first film, with the addition of Philip Seymour Hoffman in Catching Fire, and now Julianne Moore in Mockingjay. The film’s rumored to begin production at the end of this month, and will shoot in one long, 6-8 month stretch. It’s hard to imagine star Jennifer Lawrence not dropping from exhaustion afterwards, considering she will have been working non-stop for a good three years without a break at that point.

The first Mockingjay film is scheduled for release in November of 2014, and part 2 is scheduled for November of 2015. Are you guys excited for Julianne Moore to have joined the cast of Mockingjay? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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