Robert Pattinson Reveals He Has Body Dysmorphia and Anxiety

Robert Pattinson Reveals He Has Body Dysmorphia and Anxiety

It is just me, or does Robert Pattinson have crippling self confidence for someone who’s supposed to be one of the hottest men in the world? He always talks about his body image, but this is the first time he’s come right out and said he has body dysmorphia.

In an interview with Style, he explains, “Body dysmorphia, overall tremendous anxiety. I suppose it’s because of these tremendous insecurities that I never found a way to become egotistical. I don’t have a six pack and I hate going to the gym. I’ve been like that my whole life. I never want to take my shirt off. I’d prefer to get drunk.”

Well, Pattinson’s not really taking roles that require him to be a heartthrob anymore, so it probably doesn’t matter that he doesn’t keep his body in shape. However, his career may eventually put him back in leading man status, and if that happens, he’ll have no choice.

Rob’s full ad for Dior Homme has released to mixed reactions, but the positive part of all the promotion is we continue to get interviews like this one.

What do you guys think about Rob’s dysmorphia? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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