Kate Middleton Expecting Baby Number Two Already (Photo)

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Kate Middleton Expecting Baby Number Two Already

When Kate Middleton and Prince William finally attended a formal engagement together a week ago did you notice a bit of tension between the couple? Something seemed just a bit off with them and at the time I chalked it up to adjusting to new parenthood. When all your conversations are about the baby for weeks on end it can feel weird to actually be out alone together in other adult company.

According to the Sept. 30th print edition of Life & Style there might be a whole lot more going on than anyone ever would have imagined. Supposedly Kate Middleton is pregnant with baby number 2 just 8 weeks after delivering Prince George. Is it possible? Absolutely. Women are never more fertile than in the weeks after they have given birth so she sure could be expecting another little one. The couple is rumored to have already shared their news with the family and I guess it’s really a good thing that William has retired from the RAF and will be at home more often.Also in the latest issue of Life & Style you can read about Miley Cyrus’s desperation to get Liam Hemsworth to stay with her. We have heard that a lot of Miley’s outrageous behavior has been a desperate attempt to get Liam to notice her. He is said to be totally disgusted by her but in Miley’s mind, at least he is still noticing her. Miley is supposedly heartbroken by the split but you’d never know it from her interviews and recent onslaught of photos chock full of nudity and drug references. No wonder Liam ran like hell!

Do you believe that Bethenny Frankel is even capable of being a party animal? She’s such a control free I can’t really imagine her letting go enough to have a good time but according to Life & style she has been really bad lately. Her dragged out divorce from Jason Hoppy has clearly taken a toll on her but I’m not sure that I believe she’s hooking up with random men. She still shares a home with Hoppy because both of them are too stubborn to leave so it’s not like Frankel can bring anyone home with her. Do you believe that she’s being a little too careless? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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