The Truth About Jurassic World Trailer: New Movie, New Game Or?

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Many of you must have come across the teaser which was rumored to be giving us a glimpse of Jurassic World, if you haven’t then I don’t know what you’ve been doing with your life; the video is above for you to watch.

In the teaser you can see a pterodactyl picking up a surfer from his board and taking him for a ride, though the wind blowing through his hair and the enjoyment of flying was cut when the surfer was then dropped into the mouth of a fellow pterodactyl. Many people who saw this teaser instantly thought, that maybe this is what we should expect to see in the fourth installment to the Jurassic Park franchise, though it seems that’s not true.

Frank Marshal who’s known for being the producer of Jurassic World has come out and confirmed that the teaser isn’t part of the movie; Frank replied to a man who questioned if this teaser was part of the movie or a cancelled Jurassic Park video game with “No, not a part of the movie.”

So it seems that we now have no idea what this teaser is about, but we know that it has nothing to do with the upcoming fourth Jurassic Park movie being mad.  There are still rumours going around how it could have been concept for a Jurassic Park video game that was never made.

What do you think Hiccupers?  Any ideas???

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