Kourtney Kardashian’s Assistant Quits After Few Weeks Of Work

Kourtney Kardashian’s Assistant Quits After Few Weeks Of Work

It seems that Kourtney Kardashian has a hard time keeping a full time assistants  A couple of months ago Kourtney’s longtime assistant decided to quit and leave her; after that Kourtney finally found another assistant to replace her.  It seems that it didn’t go well since the new assistant quit after a scant three weeks of being Kourtney’s assistant.  “She ‘couldn’t hack it,'” reports Life & Style

I have a feeling that Kourtney is most likely a handful to deal with, just like any of the other Kardashians. I assume; to find someone who’ll be able to tolerate Kourtney for a long period of time is going to be extremely difficult. Whomever becomes her assistant I will have complete respect for.  Can you imagine having to be with her at all times?  It must be like a personal hell of some sort.  “The girls have even been emailing friends and family asking for recommendations for the job but are having difficulty finding someone.”

If you’re an assistant and live anywhere near the Kardashians, there’s a job that’s wide open for you, if you’re able to get through everyday alive of course.  It doesn’t look like they’re going to find an assistant anytime soon, so this is your chance.

Image credit: Parisa/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

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