Billy Ray Cyrus Praises Daughter Miley Cyrus For Taking Risks and Ditching Hannah Montana Persona!

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Being the wonderful father figure and role model that he is, Billy Ray Cyrus has praised Miley Cyrus for introducing the world to twerking. Well, he didn’t phrase it exactly like that. But, he basically did.

He said, “For me to think how hard she’s worked to get to his point, and what a risk — just the fact that she went and cut her hair off. That was huge. She could’ve stayed Hannah Montana forever and made a great living doing that, but she’s more of an artist than that, and she wanted to make a living and evolve.”

He also discussed Miley’s fame reaching a ‘whole new level’ after the VMA performance, explaining, “She’s really very focused and loves what she’s doing. And that’s the main thing for me as a dad, seeing my little girl doing what she loves and making the music that she loves to make and hanging out with some incredibly talented producers, singer-songwriters, musicians.”

Way to deflect, dude. Can’t Billy Ray be a normal parent and say that he’s not going to let his daughter out of the house unless she stops twerking? I suppose he really doesn’t have any control of what she does anymore. And where’s Miley’s mother, Tish Cyris, in all of this? We’ve barely heard a peep out of her since this whole mess began.

What do you guys think of Billy’s comments? Let us know in the comments.

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