Zac Efron Got Hooked On Cocaine While Under The Influence of The Crazy Warlock Charlie Sheen?

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Something had to have caused High School Musical star and Disney poster boy Zac Efron to turn into a raging cokehead. According to a report from Radar Online, that something was Charlie Sheen.

A source tells Radar, “Zac was in Charlie’s inner circle for a few months earlier this year. The two became very good friends. Zac was spending a lot of time at Charlie’s Beverly Hills mansion and they were definitely partying together, sometimes for days at a time.”
Apparently, Zac used to visit Charlie on the set of Anger Management and the two would be ‘holed up’ for hours on end.

Eh. I’m sure Zac had some unsavory friends that introduced him to the world of cocaine and hard partying, but if that person was Charlie Sheen, the press would have gotten a hold of it by now. If Charlie and Zac were partying together, someone somewhere would have saw them. But since this is the first we’re hearing of it, I’m inclined to believe otherwise.

What do you guys think? Did Charlie Sheen lead Zac into a drug addiction? Or this is just made up, and Charlie had nothing to do with it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Image credit to FameFlynet

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