Jack Nicholson Retiring Due to Severe Memory Loss Sparked by Countless Years of Cocaine Use!

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Jack Nicholson Takes A Walk In Paris

Is Jack Nicholson retiring because he can’t remember his lines? Many reports claim that the actor isn’t retiring simply because he’s tired of the industry (though that’s certainly a fair hypothesis) but because he can’t remember his lines. Considering that he’s almost 77 years old, that’s a fair enough deduction to make.

However, a top neurologist is now going on the record, stating that Jack’s memory problems aren’t caused by old age but by prolonged cocaine use. The neurologist explains, “Cocaine use has life-changing, long-term consequences on the brain. We all age and the brain loses gray matter. But when you look at how cocaine users’ brains age per year, it’s twice as much as healthy people. The longer they’ve used it for, the worse the effects are.”

The doctors add that whether the drug use was recreational [as in the case of Jack] or addiction-based, the long-term effects are the same. They did add, “You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to put two things together! [His cocaine use] has probably made [the normal memory loss associated with aging] worse. The good thing for him is that he has enough money saved up to live on. Many people don’t plan for the long-term consequences.”

Well, that last part is certainly true. Although if someone uses ‘cocaine’ recreationally that often, I doubt they’re thinking about long-term consequences.

Image credit to FameFlynet

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