Miley Cyrus Overjoyed Liam Hemsworth’s New Girlfriend Eiza Gonzalez Embarrassed By Media Scrutiny!

Miley Cyrus Overjoyed Liam Hemsworth's New Girlfriend Eiza Gonzalez Embarrassed By Media Scrutiny!

So ever since Eiza Gonzalez has been spotted with Liam Hemsworth, she’s become the tabloids’ next target — and Miley Cyrus couldn’t be happier. They’ve managed to dig up everything there is to know about her, including the fact that she got tons of plastic surgery when she was younger. And when I say tons, I mean a nose job and a lip job and possibly a bunch of other procedures.

Anyway, Miley’s apparently ‘happy’ that Eiza’s plastic surgery past is leaking everywhere, because it has to be embarrassing for Liam. A source tells Hollywood Life, “Miley knows it’s going to embarrass Liam because his family has always talked down about plastic surgery.”

The source also adds, “Miley’s not judgmental about stuff like that the way Liam and his family are, but she’s hurting bad right now, so yeah, she’s going there. I mean, it’s hard not to notice how much better Eiza looks after all her surgeries.”

Well, considering that Eiza and Miley actually have a ton in common, I don’t think Miley should be so ‘judgmental’. Then again, Liam did cheat on her and then embarrass her in front of the whole world, so I guess she has a right to be pissed? What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.

Image credit to FameFlynet

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