Dexter Season 8 Series Finale REVIEW “It’s All Over”

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Dexter Season 8 Finale REVIEW “It's All Over”

The finale of Dexter has aired and we say goodbye (sniff) to our favorite characters.  We have the review of the finale for you, Dexter and Harrison are rushing through the airport trying to make their flight. Harrison is got his little monkey (from the box) and tells Dexter he wants some Oreos. Harrison has a rolling Panda suitcase that my sister’s boyfriend would absolutely love. Dexter and Harrison are looking around when Harrison ask the million dollar question “Where’s Hannah?”

It’s at that very moment that Dexters cell begins to ring and we find out that Hannah is holding up in the bathroom because that moron Elway is still trying to catch her. It’s at this moment that Dexter gets what he thinks is a brilliant, no way it can possibly go wrong idea. Dexter takes Harrison to a gift shop to get his Oreos and while the little one is busy Dexter picks up a bottle of pills, a water bottle, a clock and a bag pack. They head back to the gate. Dexter goes up to the counter flashes his police I.D and then tells the lady behind the counter that even though he is quite sure she is capable of her job and would never think of telling her how to do it but….. there might be one teeny tiny thing she should probably check into. Dexter tells her about the bag pack he saw Elway stick under the chairs and them walk away from. She hops to it and gets security involved. Elway is leaving a message for the Marshal (guess he didn’t get the he was killed by a deranged sociopath memo yet). Airport security comes and hauls Elway off for questioning. Dexter calls Hannah and tells her she can come out of the bathroom. Now this is the part where the plan backfires. They evacuate the whole airport.

Deb is getting lifted up onto a stretcher. Masuka and Angel figure out that Saxon has the Marshals gun and he is then upgraded from dangerous to armed and dangerous. Angel tells Deb he is going to call Dexter. Deb tells him no that she wants Dexter to leave without having to worry about her, and if he calls Dexter she won’t go in the ambulance. Angel relents. Quinn goes with Deb in the ambulance and Angel tells him he will meet them at the hospital. Masuka is on board and headed that way as well. Deb’s said the f word at this point several times (you gotta love a girl who even while bleeding like a gutted pig can still use her words). They put her in the ambulance and Quinn hops in and sits down beside her. Deb is in a lot of pain (duh). Deb starts telling Quinn she deserves it and he ask her why she thinks that. For a minute it looks like she is going to tell him but she doesn’t. Quinn is trying to make her see she is a good person. Quinn tells her maybe she can save a bus load of nuns, but if they are the like the ones he had in school, let them go…lol. Quinn leans over and kisses her on the head.

At the hospital they have her all drugged and ready for surgery. Quinn and Angel are standing with her. Before they take her she tells Quinn she loves him. Quinn watches them wheel her away in surprise. Matthews is talking to Angel and finds out that Deb asked them not to call Dexter. Matthews gives Angel his you cannot imagine the enormity of the f** k I do not give face and calls Dexter.

Dexter is outside the airport when he gets the call from Matthews. Dexter looks like he got sucker punched. Dexter loads Harrison in the car and tells Hannah what’s going on. (Dexter got a primo parking space by the way. Right up front). Dexter tells Hannah he will take her back to the hotel and she can make other flight plans for them, he tells her not to worry and that they will make this work. Dexter gets in his car to leave.

Outside of a store people are loading up on stuff to wait out the storm. When you see one guy with blood dripping down his arm holding a gun. Yup it’s Saxon looking even crazier than usual. He cold cocks some guy with his gun and steals his truck.

Dexter and Harrison are at the hospital. Harrison runs to Jamie. Angel tells him she is already in surgery. Quinn tells him they didn’t get to talk to the doctor before she went in. Matthews reassures him that Deb is strong and will make it. Masuka agrees with Matthews. Dexter looks heartbroken.

Elway just got let go by airport security and is still calling the dead guy. Elway calls the field office and that’s when he finds out he is dead.

Dexter is in Deb’s room when she wakes up. Deb wants to know why he is there. Dexter thinks she knows why. Then she starts talking about hiking when you know there is going to be a problem). Dexter feels that he screwed up her life. Deb tells him it’s her life to screw up. The doctor comes in and checks her out. ( Deb is fading and this stupid doctor doesn’t even realize it). Deb takes the blame for Elway. Dexter tells her it isn’t her fault. Dexter wants to get Saxon. Deb tells him no and the next words she wants to hear him say are goodbye 🙁

Dexter leaves the room and picks up Harrison and tells him that this is the hospital he was born at and the first time he saw him he was with his Aunt Deb. Flashback ( yes I understand the confusion why waste time on a flashback during the last episode. It’s quite simple really ,it puts everything into context, how big a part of each other’s lives Dexter and Deb have been, how through triumph and tragedy they have always had each other). Matthews comes up to Dexter in the hall and ask him how Deb is. Dexter tells him that she will be ok. Matthews ask if there is anything he can do. Dexter wants to guards on her door. Mathews is already on it. Dexter runs into Elway in the hallway. Elway decides now is the time to bring up Hannah. Dexter makes it clear it isn’t when he slams him up against the wall.

Saxon walks into a veterinarian clinic and points the gun at the guy working in there. Saxon wants him to stitch up his hand.

Hannah and Dexter are talking in the hotel room. Hannah tells him that they can use the chaos the storm is causing to get out without anyone noticing. Dexter agrees its a good plan. Hannah offers to stick out the storm. Hannah offers to take Harrison with her. Dexter tells her he doesn’t want to lose her even of its just for a few days.

The vet is finishing up with Saxon. The vet promises he won’t say anything but then a news report comes on and Saxon decides the vet is going to be his new chauffeur.

Dexter is in line with Hannah and Harrison to get on the bus. Dexter tells Hannah he can’t go till Saxon is dead. Dexter leaves Harrison with Hannah. Harrison hugs Dexter and tells him that he loves Hannah. Dexter tells him he does to. Dexter gives Hannah a long hug and a kiss goodbye (for the last time I’m sure).

Saxon and the vet pull up in front of the hospital. The vet again tells Saxon he won’t say anything. Saxon tells him he knows he won’t. Next time we see the vet he is in the E.R. with blood coming out of his mouth. Saxon cut the guys tongue out. Saxon sneaks right by. Dexter shows up a few steps later. Dexter realizes Saxon did it and takes off for Deb’s room. Saxon is looking on the patient list to find Deb’s room. Dexter is coming up the hall and grabs a fork off of a tray. Dexter and Saxon come face to face. They say nothing. Saxon goes for her room. Dexter gets ready to stab him with the fork. Right before he can Angel appears out of thin air and puts a gun to his head. Angel arrest him and they cart him out. Dexter rushes to Deb’s hospital room, he opens the door but Deb isn’t there.

Dexter starts racing down the hall he sees Quinn and goes over to him. Quinn is so upset. Quinn tells Dexter that something went wrong, Deb is in the ICU and that they are working on her because she stopped breathing. Quinn can’t hold it together and starts crying. Dexter and Quinn both hear what the doctor has to say and it isn’t good. Deb had a blood clot that caused her to have a stroke which in turn deprived her brain of oxygen. Dexter is pissed. Deb is brain dead. Quinn is in denial. As Dexter turns to walk away we go back to the earlier flashback of them with in the nursery seeing Harrison for the first time. Deb uses her favorite word and Dexter gives her the look. Deb hands Dexter Harrison and she tells him say something to him. Dexter says hello and Harrison smiles at him. Deb tells him he will be a great father because he always took care of her and kept her safe. Deb ask him if he “remembers the monsters?”.

Dexter is sitting somewhere at a table. He thinks to himself how wrong Deb was about him.

Hannah and Harrison are on the bus and Harrison ask Hannah about Argentina. Hannah starts telling him about penguins and Santa Clause taking vacations there. Elway grabs her arm while she is talking to Harrison. Elway tells her they are going to go to Daytona where he will turn her in and give Harrison to child protective services.

Angel and Quinn are interrogating Saxon. Angel tells him that he might end up in the electric chair (one that don’t use that anymore and two this guy is a freaking nut job so they wouldn’t give him the death penalty anyway). Quinn brings up the fact that Saxon shot Deb. Saxon acts like he doesn’t know who Deb is. Quinn snaps and goes to beat the shit out of him, but Angel holds him back. Dexter is watching the whole thing and if looks could kill Saxon would be dead.

Back to Hannah on the bus. She reaches for her thermos of tea and Elway gets jumpy. Hannah tells him to relax and ask him if he wants some. Elway ask her how stupid she thinks he is. Hannah gives him the answer in the form of a shot in the leg. (How the hell did she plan on getting that on the plane?) Hannah tells Elway it is a horse tranquilizer and he will be out in eight. Hannah also tells him when he wakes up in Tallahassee he is going to feel humiliated and slightly cranky. Elway is out. Hannah wakes up Harrison and they get off the bus.

Dexter goes down to the holding cell to see Saxon under the pretense he is there for a gun residue test. Dexter goes in and sits down across from him. Dexter tells Saxon he wishes he could blame him for everything. Even what happened to Deb but Dexter knows that it is his fault. Saxon tells him he should have walked away. Dexter tells Saxon that he ruined Dexters happy ending and that he is going to kill him with the pen he brought in. Saxon grabs it and stabs Dexter. Dexter pulls it out and stabs Saxon in the neck. Saxon falls dead. Dexter pushes the panic button and two guards come rushing in. Dexter tells the. Saxon tried to kill him ( and that’s exactly what the camera will show).

Dexter is watching the video of what happened with Angel and Quinn. Angel has the opportunity to reprimand him, but chooses not to. In fact he decides to ignore the fact that he is aware that Dexter killed Saxon on purpose. Hell even Quinn is ok with itmohe has nothing to say what so ever, except that he wish he had done it himself.

Dexter is back at his apartment , he realizes how much he always wanted to feel emotions and now that he can he knows he was better off without them. Dexter gets on his boat and rides towards the hospital Marina all the while there are hurricane warnings and evacuations going on.

Dexter goes into the hospital and into Deb’s room. (He is in his kill shirt). Dexter looks at her for the longest time and then he tells Deb he would change it if he could he says he is sorry over and over again. Dexter tells her he can’t leave her like that. Dexter turns off the machine and removes the respirator as well as the finger monitor and the cuff on her arm. He sits there with her while she dies.Right before she is completely gone he leans over and whisper sin her ear that he loves her. Dexter takes her out on a bed like she is asleep. He covers her face and picks her up and carries her down to his boat. He lays her on the seat gently. Dexter heads out towards the rating storm to bury her at sea. Dexter calls Hannah and finds out her and Harrison are getting on a plane. Dexter gets on the phone with Harrison he tells him he loves him and that he wants him to remember that every single day till he sees him again. Dexter hangs up and the throws his phone in the water. Dexter goes over to Deb and gently touches her face. He picks her up and carries to the side of the boat and drops her in. Dexter watches her go further and further down till he can’t see her anymore. Dexter decides that the people he loves would be better off without him and he takes the boat right into the eye of the storm.

The next day is sunny. They talk about the coat guard looking for survivors. A part of Dexter’s boat is floating in the water. Angel gets the call that Dexter is dead. Hannah and Harrison are in Argentina. Hannah is looking at the news in Miami and sees the story about Dexter. Hannah starts to cry but wipes her eyes quickly and ask Harrison if he wants to get some ice cream.

We see a lumber truck and someone walks over to it and un chains the lumber. We see that same person walk to his house and unlock the door. It’s Dexter lost and empty.

I find it ironic that after all the years I’ve spent rooting for him and hoping he would make it through the final season alive,I finally realized that he would be better off dead. At least then he would be able to find his peace and absolution.

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