Miley Cyrus Uses Twitter To Get Over Liam Hemsworth – It’s Failing!

Miley Cyrus Uses Twitter To Get Over Liam Hemsworth - It's Failing!

I alternate between feeling embarrassed for Miley Cyrus and feeling pity for her. On the one hand, she’s refusing to calm down with her twerking and ridiculous new quirks, and she’s continuing to advocate drugs and partying to her fans. Considering that many of her fans are young, it’s hard to condone that. However, she did just get cheated on and dumped after a three year relationship and engagement, and Liam Hemsworth is acting like he could care less about her.

And you know what’s even more sad and/or pathetic, depending on your viewpoint? Miley refuses to accept her feelings, and is trying her best to pretend like everything’s ok. She tweeted, “I’m exhausted from being so f***ing happy. In bed at 9:45 and it feels so good.” In fact, it seems like she’s been using Twitter as her therapist, replacing all of her meaningful relationships with her online followers. And why not? Everyone close to her seems like they’re in their turmoil, including her former boyfriend and her family. Her friends are clearly just using her. So what does she have but her Twitter and her fans?

This isn’t the first time that Miley’s obviously overwhelmed with the breakup. She started crying during a performance of Wrecking Ball at a performance the other day, and she later revealed that the song was written during a tough time in her relationship with Liam. It’s not hard to connect the dots there, and despite what she says, she’s obviously struggling with the breakup and moving on.

What do you guys think about Miley’s comments? Do you think she’s truly happy, or she’s lying? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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