Kim Kardashian Gets $100K Worth Of Plastic Surgery In Paris

Kim Kardashian Gets $100K Worth Of Plastic Surgery In Paris

Kim Kardashian flew to France and she covered her face. Then, she magically appeared to have lost 20 pounds overnight, leading everyone to question: real or natural? If her weight loss was organically acquired, then why did she cover up her body and hide her face at the airport in Los Angeles? Kim loves showing off, so there must have been a good reason.

Well, after seeing her in Paris, all the tabloids and reports are alleging the same thing: Kim’s gotten some major plastic surgery. We saw her literally weeks ago, and she was still carrying significant pregnancy weight. And then, we see her a couple of days ago, and her body’s somehow magically slimmed down. There’s no way that happens naturally, no matter what she’s going to pretend over the next few months.

So in the end, when OK! Magazine asks the question: ‘Kim’s new body: Diet and exercise or $100k of plastic surgery?’, the answer from the public will probably be the plastic surgery. Kim is addicted to plastic surgery the way the rest of us are addicted to sweets and chocolate. She needs her fix every once in a while, and it probably worked out that she still hadn’t lost most of her pregnancy weight. To be very honest, I’m surprised she didn’t get more.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m sure she got more. It might be the blonde hair throwing me off, but her face definitely looks different – so in addition to liposuction and contouring, she may very well have gotten a breast enhancement [to get rid of any sagginess] as well as some minor facial adjustments [injections, etc].

Apart from that, the OK! cover has a report on Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift feuding, how Robert Pattinson fell in ‘love’ again with Dylan Penn, and how Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston both have their wedding dresses ready – at the same time!

What do you guys think about Kim’s body? Let us know in the comments.

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