Justin Bieber Smoking Up Weed With Rumored Fling Ariana Grande

Justin Bieber Smoking Up Weed With Rumored Fling Ariana Grande

Justin Bieber was seen at a party holding an item that looked suspiciously like a joint. He was seen next to someone that bears a strong resemblance to his rumored hook-up, Ariana Grande. So were Justin and Ariana smoking up, or was Justin just sitting there, holding a joint and lighter without any intention of doing something with it? Puh-lease.

Of course Justin was smoking up. Although TMZ claims that sources close to Justin and Ariana claim that Ariana wasn’t even there, and that the picture was photoshopped to make it look like Justin was lighting up, he actually wasn’t. That’s one of the stupidest claims I’ve ever heard publicists make, largely because A) that picture does not look photoshopped and B) it’s Justin Bieber. Nobody would be stupid enough to photoshop this picture when Justin probably gave them enough picture evidence to last them a lifetime.

The kid has no self control and self-awareness, even though he’s an international celebrity who’s stalked by hundreds of paparazzi every day. On the one hand, he is making all of his mistakes growing up in the public eye, and he may come to regret it in the future. But I have a feeling that Justin’s life will forever resemble that of a 15-year-old brat who refuses to abide by the rules. He doesn’t care that he’s underage, and he’s not allowed to smoke. He doesn’t care that he has young fans who might start smoking up after seeing this picture. But Justin’s never been one to care about his image or his fans, and I don’t think he’ll ever change.

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